Hepatology Attachment Programme

The Institute of Digestive Disease (IDD) receives fellows from overseas for clinical hepatology attachment. These fellows have the chance to be exposed to various liver conditions in the wards and clinics. They will receive research training in the fields of viral hepatitis, fatty liver, hepatocellular carcinoma and liver fibrosis. Fellows have the opportunity to present their research work in international conferences and publish their work in peer-reviewed journals. These works may form part of their MD or PhD training. Some of the previous fellows have won international research awards with their work in our unit.

How to Apply

Send the following documents to idd_info@cuhk.edu.hk

  1. A CV in English
  2. Recommendation letter from the unit head/chief of services
  3. Copies of academic certificates and transcripts and relevant professional qualifications
  4. Copy of the travel document

Result Notification

Applicants will receive an acknowledgement of the application results via email. Successful candidates will receive a letter of appointment from the Human Resources Office of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Accommodation and cost of living

No stipend is available for this programme. Candidates are responsible for all the expenses during their stay here at their own cost. Candidates can check out the Cost of Living in Hong Kong here for reference. We are also able to provide a list of contact of the partnered hotels nearby by the training location.


All applicants should have obtained the degrees of M.B., Ch.B., or equivalent.
Applicants applying for Clinical Hepatology Programme should also have undergone at least 1 year of gastroenterology/hepatology training in the current institution/hospital.

Application Time Frame

A tentative reply would be available within 1 month of application. Candidates will be accepted depending on his/her background and whether we have other fellows in line.

Application for Limited Registration

For overseas doctors, application for a Limited Registration via the Medical Council of Hong Kong is required before clinical and patient interaction. The application process usually takes around 12 weeks upon receiving all the necessary documents.

Application for Training Visa

Non‐local candidates who do not have any valid visa/entry permit to receive training in the HKSAR are required to apply for a training visa. The application usually takes around 8 weeks to process upon receipt of all requisite documents. A training visa allows applicants to stay up to 12 months, and no extension will be granted. We assist candidates in applying for the training visa upon receiving the signed letter of appointment.