State Key Laboratory of Digestive Disease (CUHK)

Laboratory Attachment Programme

The programme allows experienced scholars or someone highly interested in Gastroenterology to enrich their research experience at the Institute of Digestive Disease (IDD) and State Key Laboratory of Digestive Disease (CUHK). Visiting scholars or visiting researchers are expected to participate actively in their proposed research projects, supporting the research of the Institute member, and interact with other members at the Institute and the Laboratory during the visit.

How to Apply

Applications shall submit an application to the Institute with supporting documents and prepare scanned copies of the supporting documents, including
1. Cover letter with an outline of your time frame for a visit, research subjects of interest and goals;
2. Current C.V. or resume;
3. Academic transcripts/ certificates / professional qualifications.

*Applicants should check their emails regularly to keep up to date with their application status.

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Applicants possessing relevant working experiences and currently hired by an academic institution or enrolling in a postgraduate programme in a recognized university are eligible to apply for the visiting programme.
Applicants should have an educational background deemed satisfactory by the Institute and will be considered on an individual basis.

Application Time Frame

The application deadline depends on availability. If you are accepted, please allow at least 4 months before your visit for visa processing and other arrangements.

Visiting Period

The visiting period may range from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 1 year.